Wooden Ship Blocks

Robust blocks, made from first-class ash wood as single, double or triple blocks.
These blocks have been produced more or less unaltered for working ships and
gaffers since 1870.

Today, these blocks are laminated to be seawater-proof. The housings are copper-
riveted, and the fittings are of stainless steel or have a solid and long-lasting

The standard blocks come laquered or unfinished, so they can be finished to match
the color scheme of the boat.

The sheaves are made from high-strength nylon and run on stainless steel axis
bolts, that in sizes 4″-7″ have a patented safeguard against unscrewing.

Nevertheless, we suggest further securing the axes with covering plates.

These blocks conform to standards set by Lloyds Register of Shipping and Bureau

The safe working load (SWL) is 1/4 of the given breaking load (BRL).